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pin-wheel cookes

·                     2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
·                     1/2 teaspoon salt
·                     1/2 teaspoon baking powder
·                     1 cup unsalted butter, softened
·                     1 cup sugar
·                     1 egg


The Red Shoes and The Barefooted Peddler

Hugo Snodgrass cursed and spat the bitter coffee onto the window, where it trickled down the glass, mingling with the silver Scottish raindrops. The old peddler tucked away the sparkling red shoes he was working on and tapped his cold bare feet on the floor. His back cracked as he rose and took the few short steps into the dusty, cramped kitchen to fetch a towel. He tugged on the tarnished rose shaped handle of the old brown drawer. He jerked it; he shook it; and with a resounding crash, it opened.


Prescence of a Child: Chapter 1

OKAY, SO THIS IS REALLY LENGTHY SO BEWARE!!! ----------- The Home is a place where they hold freaks. Kids who can't tell left from right, kids who have problems. Kids like me. It was made after the second World War to house kids without a home, kids who were traumatized by the events of the war, and even a few kids who's parents forgot about them since other more 'important' children had died. You could call it luck that I happened to be born in the 20th century and that I didn't have to be left alone after a war. I call it punishment. Being born while the war raged on would only be a blessing. Maybe I would die in the mother's stomach and never make it out in time to see the world with it's greedy eyes as it stared at me with hate and shamefulness. If I had died, I wouldn't have to be at the Home. I'm not a suicidal kid, though. I don't want to kill myself, I just wish that I hadn't come into the harsh world that raised me.


Freezing Hope

So I have a poetry book on Wattpad.com & it's called Freezing Hope. This is the first poem in it and I'll be posting new ones every couple of weeks or so.

Freezing Hope

    by EnchantedToMeetYou12/Ani H.


Losing the sense of feeling.

Unable to continue...


Fresh St. Louis Spring



All About me, Mr. Wheatley

Sibling of mike,
Lover of cats,food,books and friday nights,
Who fears of fallingvery far,
Who needs a good book review,
Who gives a lot of brains,
Who would like to see everyone going to college,
Resident of Alaska,


The hunger games book review By Tristen Wheatley

The Hunger games is a very interesting book. I LOVED it. on my list of good books it beats spellbinder and The Candymakers by two places. This book is good for everyone,but may be preferable to ten year olds and 14 year olds. And yes like the family hichtcocks this book is a movie. the first chance to see it is midnight march 23. I hope you like this book!


What I'd do with an abandoned building

What I'd do with an abandoned building


I would make a garden out of an abandoned building because I think the buildings are unsafe. The garden would have vegetables, fruit, and potatoes growing and be for the town.


The first thing I would do is tear down the building and part of the parking lot. Then I would recycle the metal. I would use the concrete for blocking the plants so that the roots wouldn't grow into the paved part of the parking lot.


We would see if the town was doing any construction work and use the dirt they were digging up. We would get a bulldozer and take the dirt from the construction sites.



The family hitchcocks book review By Tristen W

The Family Hitchcocks by Mark levin & Jennifer Flacket is a marvelous book. It mainly takes place in paris at a house swap, but the family fallsl into an internationall fight for a material that could change the world (yes that includes undercover spies). This book shows how all 4 family members react to each other. This book is totally awesome and I love the mystery plot added to it. 8) Cool :cool:" width="19" />:love: Well I hope you read it! ( every one will love this book) This book is also going to be turned into a movie.


Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful....

Some winter pictures I took. Hope you enjoyed!