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We Need You!

HH is a growing newsletter with plenty of opportunity for fresh ideas and articles. If you’re a homeschooled kid from ages five to seventeen who likes writing, drawing, etc, we would love to have you contribute to HH!

Posting Content

If you'd like to have an article, story, piece of art, or photo published, just click on our "Post!" link at the top of the website and then fill out the form. In addition, if we publish your work, you get one of these spiffy badges to put on your myspace or facebook page, your website, or wherever else you want (please don't use these unless you've actually had work published on our website).


I want to join the Staff of HH. How do I do that?

Joining HH is a pretty lengthy process, in order to make sure everyone on our staff is talented and committed. If you're interested in joining please email editor@heyhomeschoolers.com with...

  • Your name
  • A sample of your work (could be anything from a photo you took to a composition you wrote for school)
  • A couple sentences about you and why you would like to be in HH

What we're looking for in work examples (literature):

  1. At least some correct spelling/grammar
  2. No run-on or choppy sentences
  3. Engaging writing - makes you want to read it
  4. New or interesting topics
  5. You shining through your writing - we want to know what your personality is like, and your writing can definitely show it!

What we're looking for in work examples (arts):

  1. Skill (obviously)
  2. Indication that you worked hard on this or spent some time on it, not that it's something you just threw together in two minutes (exception for photos, if it's a photo we'd like to see indication that you took time to get a good shot)
  3. Interesting; pulls you in and makes you want to look at it closer
  4. Unique. We don't want to see a picture that's almost the same as other things that have been submitted.

All applications are considered, but please understand if we don't accept yours. We'll email you back as soon as possible with whether you were accepted or not, and if you were, we may ask you a couple more questions. If you make the staff, you get:

  • Your own page on the website
  • Your name in our staff list
  • Access to the staff-only chatroom and some of our staff-only pages
  • A cool signature to go at the end of your posts
  • Monthly emails about everything HH
  • And more!!

Requirements (once you're in the staff):

  • Submit about one piece of content a month
  • Attend an HH chat meeting once a month
  • Try to be active on the site (commenting, suggesting new things, etc)

Become a Movie Editor

The Movie Editing staff is small and exclusive. I will need a sample of your editing talents sent to editor@heyhomeschoolers.com

. If you make it through that stage of the application process, we will set up an online interview via Chatzy (I will email you the room address).


  • Attend meetings for the M.E. staff AND the basic HH staff
  • Post at least one movie per month
  • And HAVE FUN

...And that's pretty much it! Thanks and we hope to have you contribute!