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...I'm 14. I was one of the people who started Hey Homeschoolers four years ago.

As an Editor, I work on the website, organize chat meetings, review articles, and answer questions from readers. I'd love to help anyone with articles they're preparing for publishing.

I enjoy writing short stories and publish several every year. The last one I posted was called Dealing With Shirley, and another will be posted soon. I also do a bit of photography.

Irish Dancing, music, and writing are my life. I've been playing piano for nine years. I babysit, work as a counselor, face-paint, bridge caddy, dog-walk, and a few other things... I love volunteering, too. I blog at AMGColours. I'm a vegetarian. Ooh, and I'm on a robotics team that won the Georgia State Championship this year... email me if you want to know more.

Some stuff I ♥: limeade, harry potter, thick notebooks, butterflies, volleyball, jeans, biscotti, hemp bracelets, pentominoes, dangly earrings, british accents, fireworks, long hikes, bach music, twister, merlin, scented highlighters, coconut milk ice cream, sunshine, and my friends. (=

You can email me at annika@heyhomeschoolers.com. If I know you, you can ask for my gmail.


woowww I fail

I've been trying to log in to my account for ages but it won't let me! I have a feeling Dean changed it...oh, well. Please help me, Anne!


~Ani H., Reporter


I mean I forgot or had my password changed by Dean xD


Thanks ann 4 e-mailing me my password 8-)


help ann im going crazy i forgot my password plz email it to me or some thing Sad

                                                                                                                thanks amber 

I really need to talk.

Ann, I really need to talk to you. Like in a privet sesh. Just me and you and no one else. Cause I have afew questions that I need for ur undivided attention. Tired

yes ma'am! =D email me.

yes ma'am! =D email me.


§ Ann! Heyyyy Homeschooler! So I wanted to know if I could get the reader recruiter. Or How. §

Hey, Anne!

 * Poke * It's me! Courtney! Member? xD HH Is pretty awesome now that I take a look at it.




Hey, Court!! Thanks! You should post something. :]

What do you mean?

What do you mean, post something?


 I like da WYSIWYG editor u

 I like da WYSIWYG editor u got on! Its like sooo Cool!!! I was bored so i played around with this picture cheeky (hope u like!): 


I love it!

That's sooo awesome, Dean!!

YAy! I'm soo glad! U inSpired

YAy! I'm soo glad! U inSpired me. Lol! (I'm using my cuzins iPod so it's harder to type. Big smile )

Hey Ann! It wont let me add

Hey Ann! It wont let me add the pic like it did b4 so click on the following link and let me know if it takes you to the picture.


if not let me know and i will try to find out how.

meh it didn't work =/ can you

meh it didn't work =/ can you try uploading it at imageshack or tinypic or another photo hosting site and then posting the link?

ya. i'm gonna use flickr and

ya. i'm gonna use flickr and maybe i can figure out how to do it. lol Cool


yay it worked thanks so much ann u r gr8. Love

np =]

no problem. welcome to the staff!! Big smile


Scince you aren't replying to emails, I'll ask here to see.
How do I edit my page? It just says "Coming soon!" But there's no edit button or anything Puzzled

hey i cant get to my pg to

hey i cant get to my pg to edit btw its amber. Puzzled

To Amber and Mikey; I've fixed

To Amber and Mikey;
I've fixed the glitch, it should work now. Thanks! =)

There's still no edit tab,

There's still no edit tab, and unless I'm supposed to do it another way then it's still borked. Sad


hey i dont know how to put stuff on my page like my profl=ile page or whatever and when i click on my name on the staff list i dont know how to put stuff on there either! help me plz! i cant stand being boring and having nothing on my page! help me plz!!! btw its Raelynn haha...HI MIKEY!!!!!

your page >>edit

just go to your page and then click the edit button at the top =)

Fixed it againn =] Should

Fixed it againn =] Should probably work now.


hey i'm gonna let some freinds know about HH. Laughing out loud


That's great! Thank you.

A Note To Everyone...

Just for the future, if ya'll could please email me at annika@heyhomeschoolers.com with support questions about the site (instead of posting them here) that would be great Wink

How to add content

How do I add content without sending you an email? I'm sure there was a way, but I can't find it now...

Also, I want to submit a game I made but I don't think it will work on the site... Is there a way to submit a downloadable file?


Nevermind about posting without emailing you, I found a way to access my email Laughing out loud

*still wonders about making a downloadable file on here...*

Heyy Mikey - I fixed it for

Heyy Mikey - I fixed it for you so you can post now =] & yayy that's great that you can get to your email ^_^


Hey Annika! I can't log in Sad( ! (BTW its Dean Wink!) TTYL!

Hey Dean, Meh, that's weird.

Hey Dean,
Meh, that's weird. I'll try changing the password on it & emailing you the new one to log in with (just so you can get logged in, then you can change it back to whatever you want). Smile

Thanks! It worked

Thanks! It worked Exclamation Mark Big smile

i iz anonymos!!! or however u

i iz anonymos!!! or however u spell that... anywayz, annika plz, see if u can approve mah account! Wink *psst! it's Alex! hehehe*

why yes you are!

omg you aree anonymous!! haha xD email meh & then i can approve itt =)


I cannot get on my page why can't I do that e-mail me please this sux...can u get on my pagE?????????


ityperandomlyandidon'tknowwhy. andidontknowwhatthatlongbuttonatthebottomis. andyouarecrazyben. Davie Davie >)


haha Aidan. that is the space bar. Wink

Love it!

I love your page! Big smile I was wondering, would it be ok if I change my page's word format color to blue?

From dlg

Smile Love the purpley!


Hi Annika (did i spell it right?) I like your profile - it's cool Cool

Thanks Rachel!! And yes, you

Thanks Rachel!! And yes, you did spell it right Tongue

whats that??

whats that 1 month thing on my page?

It's a badge. It means that

It's a badge. It means that you've been in HH for over 1 month. When you've been a member for over 6 months, you'll get the 6 month badge. ^.^

hey, question about the site

hi, this is Kallie, and I have a question about the site. when I log in and stuff, it has little tabs and it says "kallie's tweets" what is that?


Hi Annika,
Sorry that I haven't been putting stuff on HH. It's just I've been so busy on homework. But once we get to Israel I promise I will put something on. It might take me a little while though.
Your awesome Wink

Awh, Ela, don't worry about

Awh, Ela, don't worry about it at all!! It's totally, completely fine Wink Safe trip!! Big smile

Sorry Again....

HI Annika,
We are in Isreal, safe and sound, but I still haven't had time to post art, or pictures on HH. We went on a hike and I got some great shots, so I PROMISE I will post something really soon.