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Take Them Out part 1

Hi guys! Soooo...... i'm starting another story..... its kinda a suspense. Enjoy! PS: My puppy is sleeping on my legs. :3



Celebrity Girl Gone Mad (Part 4)

At the breakfast table Geridina stared at "Christine" and soon said "We have to get you some clothes, you can't go around wearing that all the time". Roxie ate what she thought was slush and choked down her "drink". Dylan was also looking at Roxie, Roxie knew this boy liked her, but she definitely hated him. 
Roxie left the table and went to her room. She looked in the cupboards for something to wear. She just couldn't go out shopping with Gerdina. She found a pair of overalls, but that wouldn't do. Roxie looked in a cupboard near the door and found a dusty, old chest. She picked it up with all her strength and dropped it on the ground. She looked around the rim for a way to open it. Nothing. She saw a keyhole, but no key. Roxie looked back in the cupboard and found a small box. She opened it easily inside was: a scroll, a book, and a small knapsack. Roxie took out the scroll and read it to herself it read: