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4-H Speech

Here is a speech I had to give to my class. My topic was my 4-H experience. Here it is!!!

Hi! I am going to talk about my 4-H experience today. I belong to the Los Ranchos 4-H club. The four H’s represent Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. It’s part of a pledge to do the best we can in everything. In our club the offices that I have held are treasurer and president. Currently I am the president. This is my 4th year in 4-H and I have enjoyed everything I have done with it. There is a wide range of projects for anyone to choose from. My projects include Cake Decorating, Photography, Poultry, Duded Up Denim, and Scrapbooking. Everything can be entered in the county fair. Cakes, Scrapbooks, Photos, Poultry, and any other projects you have done following the project book.


Lauren's Promo Video!!!

My new Promo Video! Check it out!

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My NEW Head Reporter Promo vid!

Here's my updated Promo vid! Please rate and comment!!!


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Hullo webites! I'm Lauren S. Baker the not so famous reporter! If you look above you'll see a poll! Then you'll see my name.... If you havent voted yet, vote for me! I would love it if I could have my one shining moment in history to be the head of somthing! I belive that writing keeps your mood and energy and attitude going with the flow and releases you inner creativity. Like Ying and Yang, it balances youre creativity level. HH is this perfect place to do just that. Thank you so much for reading! Vote for Lauren S. Baker, because ill create, make, discover, show. A vote for Lauren is a vote for creativity. 

You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make that dream a reality. I can. 


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Please vote for me to be Head Reporter Smile Here is my application that i sent in that got me in the top 4 that we are voting for...
I think i should be head reporter because I think I'm commited enough. I go to almost all of the staff meetings. I have posted more than 10  articles and I have been in HH for almost a year. I love HH and I hope to be with it as long as I can. HH is really fun and I love posting articles and art.

here's my bio...

Im 13 and in 7th grade. I Iove to take pictures so i'll be posting lots!!
Some of my hobbies include guitar, gymnastics, Girl Scouts, 4-H, Science Olympiad, toastmasters, annddd... i apprentice at a farm once a week. At home we have chickens, sheep, cats, and bee hives. In the spring I get about 100 chicks and raise them up to pullets and sell them as laying hens.  I love hh and i think it's an awesome site for homeschooled kids to go on Smile

Why you should vote EV.

I believe in expressing oneself fully through words. Words are most powerful. They haunt you in the dark hours of night but quiet your heart; they heal you but cut deeper than any sword.

I have confidence in the fact that words should be felt, meant, and understood. Words paint you a picture and take you to a place you cannot go yourself. I believe that dreams do come true, I believe in imagination, and most importantly