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Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful....

Some winter pictures I took. Hope you enjoyed!


Well, the Weather Outside is Frightful...

Here's a few pictures I took of the beautiful snow we got on Saturday. We've probably had more snowball fights this week than we've had in the past ten years together!

Stay warm,




Snow is great. We usually don't get enough snow to make a big snowman, but this year we made a big snowman! Will and I were sitting at our window looking at the snow falling and doing our school work (Well i was doing my school work and will was reading Harry Potter). You see, we like the snow a lot. When we were sitting at the window we were waiting for enough snow to fall so we could make a big snowman. The next day we sledded for FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. It was the best. The last time it snowed, I was sick and Annika and Will had a big snowball fight with our neighbors. It was very good packing snow. It looked that there were a lot of people having the snowball fight. The snow inspired me to write a poem and here it is.

Snow is Wonderful
And Beautiful
And flowy white
And light

And first it looks like cream cheese
But after a snowball fight