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short stories

Six-foot ramp!

Sunday February 7th, 2010 I went to the skatepark with my bros and friends. We got to the skatepark and one of our friends, Sam, was already there. We went inside and started to warm-up. Soon our other friend, Brock, arrived. we skateboarded and rocked out. However, I was sitting trying to get my courage up to do a six-foot ramp. I was really scared. When you're about to go down a ramp it seem way more scary than it is, so I'm not a chicken. After a long long long, you get the picture, time, Brock, who goes down an eight-foot ramp on roller blades, told me that he goes down new ramps by telling it he isn't afraid of it. So he told the six-foot ramp he wasn't afraid of it and kicked it in its imaginary face, the air, and pretended to go down. He can already go down and didn't feel like going down, he's not a chicken. Big smile So I copied him and told the ramp I wasn't afraid of it several time... then... BAM!…I did it! I didn't fall!


The big school Dance!

It was two days until the school dance, and Brianna was so excited. she wanted to find the perfect dress to wear. Her mom and her were going shopping today. Brianna said " I cant wait till the dance, I need the perfect dress!" and her mom said " we will see what the store has, and if I can afford it". When they got to the store, Brianna got a big smile on her face because of all the beautiful dresses she saw.She went from rack to rack searching for the perfect dress. Just when she thought she whould never find it, Brianna saw the most beautiful dress in the world. She showed it to her mom, and said " Mom, this is the dress I really want and need". Her mom looked at the price tag and her face went into the most surprised expression and said "WOW! honey, this is a little to expensive!" " I dont know if I want to spend this much on a dress!" The price tag read $300:00.


The Depressing Day

Eight-thirty Tuesday evening, the little man, Alfried Herring, walked up to the small building where his eight O’clock group therapy class was being held (which he thought was a club for senior citizens). “Ha, I’m early.” Alfried said as he stood in front of the building, taking in his surroundings. “I might as well go inside, I am paying for this.” he said with a sigh. As he entered the building, he waved to the tall, skinny man sitting behind the counter, “Hey, Bill.” Alfried said as he passed by. “Hey, Al.” Bill replied without looking up from the magazine he was hiding under the counter. As he walked into the room, he was greeted by the rest of his class, along with the class instructor, Jimmy. “Ok, now that every one is here, we can start. Hello everyone, how are you doing?” “Good, good” was the muffled reply of the depressed class.


My latest story, "Dreams of Father's Land"

On all of my adventures, I have never had one as amazing as this. It started in the little town of Hewicof [hyu-ick-off], the town where I was born. I was at home bored, because there had been non stop rain for 3 days and I had missed ballet, which is very rare. I was only 13 at the time. My mom and I were at home, and I decided to ask my mom something for the umpteenth time. "Mom, where's dad?" I asked, although I knew the answer. "Honey, I honestly don't know! Please try to go 15 minutes without asking me that question." I just sighed as usual. I knew she knew more than she was letting on, but I let it go this time. I hadn't had and adventure in 2 1/2 months, and I was itching for one. My dad had disappeared when I was 10 years old, but I still remembered everything about him. His wonderful, laughing blue eyes, sleek black hair, and lively smile.



My name is Alex and I own the greatest pet in the world. I know every kid says that--"You're the best dog ever" or "You're the greatest cat in the universe"--but did their pets ever scare a robber away single-handedly without barking, growling, hissing, showing teeth, or even being seen? I know about attack dogs and how they're trained to scare anyone away, but I'll bet you a hundred dollars I'm the only kid in the world with an attack goldfish.


The new House!!

It was holloween day, and ashely and her family were moving. Ashely did not really want to move.If they did move, she wanted to move closer to her church.Her family was still staying in the same city though. She was sad to find out that they were moving and staying in the same city. Ashely spent hours packing her room. She got boxes for all of her stuff like boxes for fragile, for soft, for dolls..and so on.Ashely went to her mom and asked " why do we have to move?" and her mom replied " Because it will be a better life for us" Ashely thought about that for a minute, and finally shook her head and said " well, I dont think so" then went and ran up to her room and finished packing.When everything was in the moving truck, they went to the new house, and started bringing in the boxes and stuff.When the truck drivers were bringing out a box with Ashely's fragile items, she yelled " NO! stop! those are very fragile! Dont touch!!" and ran to them.


Fur’s Not Cool – It’s Cruel by Jayla Imani Johnson

“Hey! Look at the cool fur jacket!” Sabrina Johnson cried and pointed to a grey fur jacket hanging up near-by. She picked it up and put it on.
     “It‘s soo warm and perfect for this freezing Michigan weather! It says a 100% lynx fur,” Sabrina continued.
     “Fur isn’t cool – in fact it’s cruel,” Lydia Neosho, Sabrina’s best friend, spoke up. “The steel-jaw leghold trap is the most common trap used in the U.S. When the trap’s metal jaws snap close, and the animal tries to escape, they may chew or twist away their limbs. To kill the animals without damaging their fur, trappers may strangle, beat or stomp on them. Traps don't always capture the animal the trapper wants; dogs, cats, raptors, deer and raccoons are accidental trapped. The good thing is that this trap is banned in quite a few states and more than 80 countries.”


The Great Day

It was a rainy Saturday, and Liz wanted to go outside, but her mom said she could not. Liz was fealing glum and grumpy. Today was supposed to be the day of the church picnic in the park. She had her clothes picked out, and she came up with a list of things she and her friends would do. But Liz said,
     "It's all ruined. I made those plans for nothing."
     Liz layed on her bed for an hour. She got up and opened her curtains, expecting to see a dull, rainy day. But instead, she saw a beautiful sunny day!
     Liz smiled, and then ran downstairs to where her mom was reading, and said loudly and happily, "It's sunny, can we go to the picnic!?" Her mom put down her book, walked to the window, and looked out it. She smiled, and said, "Sure! Go get ready."


The Birthday Surprise

Mary was so excited that her birthday was in a few days. She had asked her parents so many times for an American Girl Doll. Her parents always told her "We'll see". One day she went to her sister, who was in her room painting her nails, and asked if she knew what mom and dad were getting her for her birthday. Her sister just smiled and went back to painting her nails. Mary spent that next few days asking someone from her family if they knew what her parents were getting her for her birthday.

Mary was so into finding out what her present would be, that she forgot that her birthday was that day! When she came rushing down the stairs, she was greeted with a big "SURPRISE!!" Her parents stood with smiles on their faces, holding out a big present. They gave it to Mary, and she opened it.


Green Balloons Don't Float Away: Part 3

Where we left off: Lizzie and her older sister Abigail were quickly growing apart and Lizzie hated it. One night, when Abbie was at a party, Lizzie's house caught on fire. At the last minute before the fire reached Lizzie, Abbie rescued her. Shortly after, Lizzie passed out.

Lizzie slowly opened her eyes. She was laying on a white sheet staring up at a white ceiling. And--what was this thing on her face?
     "mmrph!" Lizzie grunted. Suddenly, she heard Abigail's voice. "Lizzie! You're awake!"
     Abigail pulled the thing off Lizzie's face and leaned over her, concerned. "Are you ok?" Lizzie sat up.
     "I'm fine. Where are we?"