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rachel m

How to be Popular, Chapter 1

Younger kids had always teased the powerful. At least I thought that was what they were teasing. Maybe they were teasing me. I don't blame them. I have hair like a horses and eyes like a bugs. Many people call me Horse-fly. I call myself weird.
Being a straight 'A' student doesn't help either. I am great with with Math, Geography and Science. The subjects that trouble most. I am also at the bottom of the food chain. Which means I get picked on from all types of kids, including the geeks. 
I live in a posh family, already got accepted to Yale and I'm only in 7th grade. I have no siblings no nannie and no mom. I have five cooks three cousins and thirteen maids. Yet, in the aspect of money no one cares. They just judge on looks and leave. Not even Yvonne cares. 


The Supernatural Part 3

I walked carefully out of the kitchen, Aunt Bertha standing in the same place. I then shook my head. How did I get down?, I thought. Even with the confusing times I was in, I I walked with the man. He seemed grim and willing to leave me on the streets if he could. Without talking to me would be hard for Aunt B, but for this giant it was clearly very easy. We had just crossed the garden when a car appeared from which I had never seen. It had a black hood and looked as if it had gone through many hardships, though it looked brand new. The man went into the drivers seat and I sat at the back. He kicked the gas pedal and the car zoomed forward. I held onto the chair as hard as I could trying not to let go. I looked up at the man who seemed comfortable in his seat. The car finally slowed down and I gasped for breath.


The Supernatural Part 2

Aunt Bertha ran towards me hurriedly. As I heard her footsteps in front of me. I waited for her hard hand to hit me. I opened my eyes and stared through the crack I had made with my arms. I saw whiteness all around. I then placed my arms to my side. I looked around some more and saw a bright light. I looked down and to my surprise, was my Aunt Bertha. Jaw dropped and all. There she was I'm pretty sure she was embarrassed at the fact. She seemed to have been in a dream and she had the right to, because now I was floating in midair. I had wide eyes and staring at her. I didn't want to get down of course. She would of smacked me if I had gone down. I smiled to myself at the idea which had formed in my head. "Please get down Sam" Aunt B asked worriedly. "No" I said turning around. That is when Aunt B snapped. Her face red and she seemed as if steam would blow out soon. "Get down now" she pratically screamed.