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UK Days Part 3/5

Matt sat down on the chair and got ready to explain everything.  "Bullies" Matt said quickly.  "What about the bullies?" he asked sternly tapping his fingers on the glass table making it sound as if the floor under his feet was a glass table itself and Matt was a the cup on top. "Bullies" he said slowly "Were. Well you see I was going to my math class when they jumped out of a locker and did this to me" he pointed to his whole body.  "Oh Matt" his father said "Go upstairs and get cleaned up" Matt did what his father said. He ran up the dusty stairwell as fast as his legs could carry. His red sweater hood flying behind him. He reached his bedroom and saw an old red note. He picked it up and unfolded the creased paper. "My little Jerry is almost ready for school. His bags are packed and he is upstairs playing. I'm not sure if he'll like it, but we must try" Matt suddenly remembered.


The Spectacular RV Trip :)

Hey Guys, Sorry I haven't been posting...Been busy with school. Well here is a story I had to write. It took me a while, but I wrote it with joy. Enjoy Smile


Book review on "Far From You"

 Far From You by Lisa Schroeder 
Even after Alice’s mom died of cancer years ago, she still feels like she can’t move on. It worsens when her father remarries to Victoria and her half-sister, Ivy, is born. The only things that keep her at peace are her best friend Claire, her wonderful boyfriend Blaze, her music and her faith.         
When a perilous winter storm traps Alice, Ivy, and Victoria, it seems as if there is no chance of surviving. Until Alice realizes that she isn’t as alone as she thought she was...


Big Cats part 1

I turned to see a huge male Lion who was staring me dead in the eyes, ready to attack. It lowered its body into a croutching position and I tried to speak up, "Toni!? Niccolette?! Anyone?!". It prounced forward and tackled me to the ground. Then I felt a sharp pain in my arm.
    Earlier in the morning.....


Journeys of Strave - Ep. 2

Journeys of Strave
Episode Two: The Dwarven Miner


Macy's Journey part 5


Simple steps on how to start to get into a good college

Hey Guys! Lauren here!
I wanted to talk about some simple steps on how to get into a good college. Ready? Here we go! ^-^

1. Get into some extra curriculars! What I mean is joing some clubs, and get out there! Hold fund raisers, start and join clubs, things like that!

2. Get really good grades! Im sure all of you do already! Hahaha!

3. Start your search for a college now! Its never to early to be thinking about your future. But, just dont get carried away with it. REMEMBER: You are still NOT an adult! Enjoy your childhood and teenage years now!

See? Three easy steps to get into a really good college. You should start these RIGHT NOW too, while you are still young. So, yes, I have shared my secrets with you! Thanks for reading!


Macy's Lost Love part 4


UK Days Part 2/5

Jerry tumbled and turned around in the truck. Worried he tried to sit down and stay calm. He had no idea what was happening to him. "I don't see my friends!" he shouted. The man shook his head disapprovingly. "There just around this corner" he played along. "Great 'cause I'm getting bored" The man just ignored that comment and drove faster. He went past many corners never stopping to see if Jerry needed a drink or food, not even to rest.  Many years went by and little Jerry turned into thirteen year old Matt. His kidnapper had named him since he didn't like the name Jerry. Matt would take out the trash, wash the dishes, and vacuum the house. After his chores he would, as any other child would be, very tired. He would lay on his bed and dream of another family. His "father" became to know about this and became angry. He had since then stopped thinking about it.


4-H Speech

Here is a speech I had to give to my class. My topic was my 4-H experience. Here it is!!!

Hi! I am going to talk about my 4-H experience today. I belong to the Los Ranchos 4-H club. The four H’s represent Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. It’s part of a pledge to do the best we can in everything. In our club the offices that I have held are treasurer and president. Currently I am the president. This is my 4th year in 4-H and I have enjoyed everything I have done with it. There is a wide range of projects for anyone to choose from. My projects include Cake Decorating, Photography, Poultry, Duded Up Denim, and Scrapbooking. Everything can be entered in the county fair. Cakes, Scrapbooks, Photos, Poultry, and any other projects you have done following the project book.