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How Do You Make A Teddy Bear? -- A Poem

How Do You Make A Teddy Bear? 

“How do you make a teddy bear, my sweet and finest dear?
I do not understand it at all for the instructions are so queer.
Do I pack it in with fluff white and soft?
Or do I hold it up above my head and swing it high aloft?”
“Oh sir,” she replied, “You must stuff it with oh so much love,
And mind you, do not push and shove!
Teddy Bears are made just like other bears
But with much more tears and cares,
For when the Grizzly was made the stuffer did forget
To put the last thing in and made it such a threat.
For love is what makes a Teddy Bear
Good, sweet, true, and fair.” 


How to Make A Tropical Headband!

  I love, love, love flowers. They are pretty and make every outfit look awesome. What better way to show my affection for flowers by creating a tropical flower headband!  =) 


Earthscaent Continuation of Part 2

When she arrived at the hotel, soaked from head to boots, she was greeted by a young, short, dark woman dressed in Malagasy traditional clothing: An item called lamba. It was a long fabric in vibrant colors that the host had fashioned as a dress. Maya had learned about Malagasy culture some years before, and knew that a lamba was a handy thing to have. Besides the obvious use as a clothing item, the lamba could be used as a pillow, a sheet, and a bag. She had heard that the local women also used them to carry newborns on their backs.
Maya smiled—kindly, for once—at the woman and greeted her.
“Avy any Amerika aho. Iraika efitra?”
“I can speak English, American lady. One room you say? Yes, we have room.” And the small woman led a somewhat-embarrassed Maya to one of the rooms.


The Supernatural Part 3

I walked carefully out of the kitchen, Aunt Bertha standing in the same place. I then shook my head. How did I get down?, I thought. Even with the confusing times I was in, I I walked with the man. He seemed grim and willing to leave me on the streets if he could. Without talking to me would be hard for Aunt B, but for this giant it was clearly very easy. We had just crossed the garden when a car appeared from which I had never seen. It had a black hood and looked as if it had gone through many hardships, though it looked brand new. The man went into the drivers seat and I sat at the back. He kicked the gas pedal and the car zoomed forward. I held onto the chair as hard as I could trying not to let go. I looked up at the man who seemed comfortable in his seat. The car finally slowed down and I gasped for breath.



The Impossible Solution
Maya’s heart raced as the elevator brought her closer to her death. Well, not her death, really, more like, the death of every human on Earth. So much better, she thought wryly, than dying all alone. Shameful.
The lift’s metallic doors opened slowly to reveal a wide hall with polished marble floors and white plaster walls. No doors were easily identifiable, of course; the building was home mostly to wealthy politicians, drug dealers, and other high-class criminals who demanded topmost security.
If it were all well and normal as it had been only a few hours ago, she wouldn’t have come in the first place. In fact, if someone had asked her to go by the place a few hours ago, she would have probably chickened out.
The Miletriere neighborhood was not a place for young 18-year-old girls like herself.


Big Three Gods (Research Paper)

In Greek Mythology, Zeus was the king of the gods. His domain was the sky. He was nicknamed “The Father of Men.” Poseidon, Zeus’s brother, was the god of the sea. Because he also controlled earthquakes and other weather related, disaster creating storms, he is nicknamed “The Earth Shaker.” Hades was the god of the underworld. He was nicknamed “The Rich One” because he owned all the riches of the earth.


bad hair day quick fixes

Quick Fixes for a Bad Hair Day!


Outside your own front door.

Outside your own front door....

As I wath a bug fly by, I hear a chirp in the air.
Stop! Stand still before it flies away.
Is that the perfect shade of red? Yes!
The bird of a baseball team quickly flutters off.

I quietly rome the grounds, looking for things to be found.
There! The beautifull bee cortes the dantiy flower.
Snap your photos gently, and make sure to
watch this ritual closley.

Outside your own front door, there are so many wonders
Go discover.
Go Create.
Go be active.
The world is at your touch,
and it is right outside your own front door....


-Lauren S. Baker ♣


just a few poems

here are some poems that i wrote, just cause. Wink


grandparents, granparents
how great can they be
great, great, great, great
that's how great, can't you see
grandparents, grandparents
though stubborn and old
but i don't really care
they're vibrent and bold

Take Flight

i am like a wing's fly
i spand my wings out high
today i am eagle
i shall fill not my sky
but may be cursed upon all those
and may i not be spared to those who do

weren't those just terrible??? lol. the second one i was just putting words together and it sounded okay when i was 8 but now...hhhmmmmmm i don't know. anyways, (akward silence) please rate and comment on these!!! thanks!!!


A Bit Of Poetry

Okay, this is a little poem I wrote about one of the few things I live for. I wrote it about a month ago, and have been way too lazy to post it. Until now, of course.

Please note that I am not a poet. This took about 20 minutes, and it was written while I was listening to Wild Horses by Natasha Bedingfeild, a very good song. Please, do not expect professional poetry by a professional poet. And, yes, I am aware that this opening is longer then the poem...
~Maya S., Reporter and Advice Columnist