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Macy's Lost Love part 1 sequel to Macy's Journey

20 years later...


Help Us Recycle!!

We are polluting the Earth in many ways. We are throwing our trash carelessly on the floor, and the winds picks it up and guides it to ocean.  Also, we are spilling oil into the ocean. This is hurting the Earth a lot. It is killing lots of fish, and other animals in the ocean, and can also be harmful to people to go swimming in oceans that have too much oil in them. Factories, and cars are also harming our Earth. Factories, and cars are polluting the air. 



Roleplay! -segment 1-

Have you and a friend or group of friends ever written a play together? That’s basically what a roleplay is. This is a roleplay that my friend and I are writing. It’s still being developed so I’ll send in additions in monthly segments.
I play eM, and my friend plays Greyson.
Lines by our characters are seperated by these little ~~~ things.
Enjoy Smile
((P.S. Comments that are encased in double parenthesis like this are OOC, or Out Of Character comments and aren't part of the script.))

Character bios:

Name: eM (Emmalise)

Gender: Female

Age: 15 and 4 months


Strange Poem

Here is a poem I wrote for school. It's about how to brush your teeth.

How to Brush Your Teeth

Your mouth has slush
So get the toothbrush.
Put on toothpaste
It has a great taste.
Brush on teeth place
It’s a crazy case.
Back and forth, up and down
Circle, circle all aroun’.
Rinse mouth with water
Spit it out, all better.
Rinse off your brush
Put it away, no more slush


Celebrity Girl Gone Mad (Part 3)

As Dylan stood there Roxie felt uncomfortable. This wasn't the boy she was looking for. "So Christine, why are you here?" Dylan asked leaning against the wall.
      "Well, you see I was looking for a place to stay," Roxie said, squeezing her hands. She wanted this boy to leave so she could relax.
      "You don't look like a poor person to me."
      "Well thank you, but I just came from the White House. The president gave me some things to wear"
       "I see" he said as he left.
       As he went down the stairs Roxie flopped on the bed. Why hadn't  she stayed home? She would have agents watching her and chefs cooking gourmet meals. Roxie soon went to sleep.


Macy's Journey part 8 last chapter

Nathan stood still and skipped a rock across the stream, Lilly sat playing with a stick, Macy fed the small pigglet, and Tyler was watching a squirrel hop across the leaves. Everyone was silent. As Macy finished up taking care of the little pink creature, she thought to herself,
     "I really miss mom. But of I renturn to mom, I will lose Nathan, Lilly, and Tyler. But I really want to go home! I am kind of getting tired living with fear in the wild! But... but.....".
     Nathan spoke up and Macy stopped. "We need to move. We need to cover our tracks.". Lilly stood up and bodly said, "What are we criminals?! We are only kids!". Punkin, Macy's dog, ran into Macy's hut, preparing for an arguement between Macy. Nathan, and Lilly. Macy stood watching this take place. Nathan exclaimed, "WELL YOU DONT WANT TO BE TAKEN TO FOSTER CARE DO YOU?!".


Celebrity Gone Mad (Part 2)

As Roxie approached the front door she heard the burglar alarm. She hid behind a thick pole just before the secret service agents came. She had to lead them off, but how? She threw one of her pencils on the floor when the agents weren't looking. The agents had no idea where it had come from and headed off in the wrong direction. Roxie slowly made her way out of the door to see a big agent she had never seen before. She was taken in by this giant into her father's study. Her father was waiting, his glasses on his nose and a photo of a young lady Roxie had never seen before, was this her mother, she thought. "Roxanne" her father said in his sternest voice "What do you think you were doing?" Roxie was smart enough not to answer that. "Do you know what could of happened if someone noticed you? Well do you? No. No you don't. You never know. Never." he threw his glasses on the desk and rubbed his temples.


Macy's Journey (part 7)


Celebrity Girl Gone Mad (Part 1)

     Roxanne sat down in her father's chair in the Oval Office. She hated being the daughter of the President. She never got to do anything exciting.
     "Why can't I go to a regular school and have regular friends?" she asked after her homeschool teacher left for home.
     "We went over this before Roxi. You can't go out to school, sleepovers, etc." her father answered looking at his mail that one of the secret service agent brought.
     "But...but...but...it's not fair. I see girls, girls my age outside going to places all the time. Why wont you let me?"


Life is weird but amazing part 8

I stare at Jesse, but he just stands in my doorway smiling. "Jesse I think its time for you tell me how all these weird things keep happening when you are around." I said sternly. "Ok... you might want to sit down... Alli, I am a timetraveling werewolf." He says slowly. I stare at him in shock. "You probably want me to prove it dont you?" He askes me. "Well.... I think so." So he stands up and takes me by the hand and leads me to his car. "Where would you like to go?" He asks me. "Uh... here 2120" I tell him. "Ok... here we gooooo." And we were squeezed tightly sorta like how J.K. Rowling descirbes apperating and disapperating. The next  thing I knew were infront of my house but it looks much different.