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Dean O

Sterlin's Story - Chapter 2

Chapter 2
          As Sterlin walked along the muddy, black bank, he thought of his beloved Cody and wished that he was able to see her at that moment. It was only 4 months away from his 16th birthday, and he was getting a little anxious. Sterlin thought about how beautiful Cody would look in a pure white wedding gown under the blooming trees in the courtyard of his family’s house. The more that Sterlin thought about this, the more that he became depressed; for he realized that he will not be able to be wed to Cody with his father’s Blessing. He would have to do it apart from his own family, behind their backs. And there was no way they could know he would be near them.


Sterlin's Story; Chapter 1

Chapter 1


          Sterlin sat in the shade of a great oak that grew and twisted at the bank of a small brook. He sighed and pressed his weight against it, relaxing into the tree's massive bark column. He thought about when he was just a young lad, how his father had told him to never go into the great, thick forest that lay embedded outside of the great wall of the city, for it was very easy to get oneself lost in it. Or even mauled, stolen from or attacked. As Sterlin sat there, he thought about how his life had changed drastically overnight. But, that was one of the best nights of his ever so short life. It was the night his beloved agreed to be his.