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chapter 1

Prescence of a Child: Chapter 1

OKAY, SO THIS IS REALLY LENGTHY SO BEWARE!!! ----------- The Home is a place where they hold freaks. Kids who can't tell left from right, kids who have problems. Kids like me. It was made after the second World War to house kids without a home, kids who were traumatized by the events of the war, and even a few kids who's parents forgot about them since other more 'important' children had died. You could call it luck that I happened to be born in the 20th century and that I didn't have to be left alone after a war. I call it punishment. Being born while the war raged on would only be a blessing. Maybe I would die in the mother's stomach and never make it out in time to see the world with it's greedy eyes as it stared at me with hate and shamefulness. If I had died, I wouldn't have to be at the Home. I'm not a suicidal kid, though. I don't want to kill myself, I just wish that I hadn't come into the harsh world that raised me.


So You Say...Chapter 1

Note: Okay so thanks Ani for giving me inspiration without even meaning it!

"You told me" Samantha blamed pressing her accusing finger against my chest. "You told me  that you liked him"

"I don't! He, isn't my type" I lied applying a thin layer of blush on my cheeks.

"Not your type! Please, you were begging me to help you with him and now you say 'he's not your type'" Samantha laughed and took another grape from the glass bowl. She lounged in her chair, feet sticking off the arm.

Truth was, I was crazy about him. Not only crazy, but excited to secretly meet him tonight. I fixed my eyelashes with some mascara and closed the bottle tightly.

"What are you even getting ready for?" Samantha questioned chewing the pulp out of the purple fruit.


The Dim Light, Chapter 1

The Dim Light

Chapter 1

The small candle flickered in the wooden cabin. An old lady draped a cape over her shoulders and began the long walk. A small echo of her footsteps could be heard in the dense forest. 
A sliver of light shone through the the cracks in the branches. The lady didn't mind though. Her objective was simple:
  • Find the family
  • Bring them back with her
  • Tell them the tale
  • And let them go their way

Her face was hidden under the cloak she wore. All you could see were two bony hands and bare, bony feet and a small, crooked smile.
A small doe ran to the safety of her mate and a frog croaked and then hopped away hurriedly. The trees seemed to part as the lady walked through and the trees seemed to whisper. 
The lady opened her lips to speak. 


How to be Popular, Chapter 1

Younger kids had always teased the powerful. At least I thought that was what they were teasing. Maybe they were teasing me. I don't blame them. I have hair like a horses and eyes like a bugs. Many people call me Horse-fly. I call myself weird.
Being a straight 'A' student doesn't help either. I am great with with Math, Geography and Science. The subjects that trouble most. I am also at the bottom of the food chain. Which means I get picked on from all types of kids, including the geeks. 
I live in a posh family, already got accepted to Yale and I'm only in 7th grade. I have no siblings no nannie and no mom. I have five cooks three cousins and thirteen maids. Yet, in the aspect of money no one cares. They just judge on looks and leave. Not even Yvonne cares.