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The Unwanteds book review

The Unwanteds is a great book by Lisa Mcmann.She has created a mysterious world into book. Here is a short summary of the beggining:                                     Alex in a land were creativity is banished, so no one will miss him once he is sent to the grave as an unwanted.But he ends up in Artime a world made for unwanteds to live in. there he meets 4 friends. But quill is close to finding and destroying the creative Artime.
This book is  very interesting and for ages 9-14. If you are 11 or younger there may be some words you have to look up meanings for, but other then that its a great book.So run to the nearest library to check this magical book out.


Spellbinder review

 Belladona Johnson can see ghost, which comes in handy after her parents death.But one evening all the ghost disappear sending Belladona into a rampage trying to find her parents. She befriends Steve Evans and together they try to find out what is going on.  Bellodona and Steve will be tossed into the land of the dead  discover creatures and find more than they wanted in this epic story by Helen Stringer.