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Quirks (music mix)

quirks from rainsongs on 8tracks Radio.


Interview with Kim Richardson, Author of the Soul Guardians

"Since childhood, Kim developed a wild imagination and surrounded herself with fantasy novels and movies like, The Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal. She later studied in the field of 3D Animation, and became an Animation Supervisor for a VFX company. For many years she worked on big Hollywood films and stayed in the field of animation for 14 years. Since then, she has retired from the VFX world and settled in the country where she writes full time" ~Kim's Wattpad.com bio.

Me: What first caused you to want to write?

Kim: I guess it would have to be my love of books and the way they transport you into another world, and the fact that I have so many ideas floating around in my head.

Me: How long did it take you to write your book(Drunk?


Afternoons+Coffee (music mix)

This is a mild stream of semi-consciousness for those days when you're not completely awake. Enjoy!


afternoons+coffee from Annika on 8tracks Radio.


Captured Moment: Kimbra (Fan Art)

original image credit billboard.com


A Sister's Loyalty

All I want to do is cry for you...
Can I take the weight from you?
May I save your heart and mind?
How can I let you know I'll always be by your side?

Do you understand that I'll never leave you alone?
I'm with you all the way home. 
I promise I understand...
I won't rest until you're safe and sound.

Don't let your heart break.
I'm there with you through it all for your sake.


Food for your ears

The opened way - Shadow of the colossus

A despair filled with farewell - Shadow of the colossus

if you want something dramatic to listen to.


Wisconsin Sunset


Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides



Movie Review: Despicable Me

Hey everyone! I know this movie is two years old, maybe three, but it is a movie that a review can be written for any time. This movie is about a failed villan who has an "ingenious" plot to steal the moon. In order for this plan to work, he needs to steal a shrink ray from a nemises of his. But, when he adopts three girls as apart of his plan, they turn his life upside down. Will these girls be a downfall in his evil career, or be an amazing gift? This movie was wonderful! I couldn't help but laugh through the whole thing. Despicable Me has to be a family classic. As the movie contains humerous and serious material, this is a great fit for EVERY age! With an all star cast of Steve Carell, Miranda Cosgrove, Jason Segel, and Julie Andrews, i'm giving this movie 4 1/2 stars! I loved it! Thanks for reading! Big smile


Hey Everyone!

Heyyy guys! Long time, no see! I have been way super busy with actual schooling, BUT NOW IT IS SUMMER! Ooh, by the way, all throughout the year of public school land, MY GRADES HAVE BEEN STRAIGHT A's!! Can you believe it?!  Anyways, I just wanted to post that I will have lots more articles coming your way! I'm mainly focusing on food now. I have made a final decision on what my career is, and that is cooking! Want to please your parents with perfect dishes? Stop on by my page and look at my articles! There will be all sort of things like apetizers, breakfast, dinner, lunch, AND dessert! Yummy yummy! So... I guess thats all? Alright, thats all! Thanks everyone!